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Gaylord Boxes

Paperking offers two varieties of Gaylord Boxes: standard and industrial grade. These popular styles of boxes are made from high quality cardboard material. Paperking has both new and used gaylord boxes available to our customers in New England, New York, and New Jersey. These are a great choice if you need a pallet box to easy storage and moving around your warehouse.

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Standard Grade Gaylord boxes

These boxes are 3 ply cardboard and are typically close to new. They are 38x38x44 (Length x Width x Height), large enough for many industrial and professional applications. The Standard Grade comes in either full flap style (flaps along the bottom) or slip sheet style (a square cardboard insert forms the bottom).

Square Gaylord Box
Square Gaylord Box with Flaps
Octagonal Gaylord Box
Square Gaylord Box

Industrial Grade Gaylord Boxes

These boxes range from 4 to 6 ply cardboard. They are 38x38x44, and also come in full flap and slip sheet style.

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