Recycling Pallets

Hey All, Not only does Paper King offer a cheap, convenient supply of pallets for your business, we also take part in the process of pallet recycling. A study by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that less than 3% of manufactured Pallets make their way back to landfills, which is a wonderfully low statistic to… Continue reading Recycling Pallets

Safety Notes

Hey All, Pallets are a really convenient way to store, ship and transport your heavy goods within your warehouse. That said, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when working with pallets Broken or Defective Pallets: It’s very easy to simply ignore when a pallet breaks; it happens all the time, especially with… Continue reading Safety Notes

Pallet Standards

Hey All, Pallet Standards are a prominent issue in the world of business to business trade for a few reasons. There is a standard for the American Pallet (40″ x 48″) but this is still not the “standard”. Pallets exist of all shapes, sizes and makes (see Basic Pallet Info for more information on Pallet… Continue reading Pallet Standards

Basic Pallet Info

Hey All, Before you order pallets for your business, it’s important to understand some basic differences between types of pallets. There are 3 Pallet Styles Single Face: These pallets have a set of lateral boards on their top face, and no supports on the bottom. They are also referred to as skids.  Double Face Non-Reversible :… Continue reading Basic Pallet Info