Recycling Pallets

Hey All,

Not only does Paper King offer a cheap, convenient supply of pallets for your business, we also take part in the process of pallet recycling.

A study by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that less than 3% of manufactured Pallets make their way back to landfills, which is a wonderfully low statistic to have. This means that 97% of pallets are at least being used somehow, though many of them are likely dumped, burned, or otherwise simply left abandoned. Here are few reasons to be a part of the 97%.

Less Waste

Of both varieties, financial and physical. If you buy new pallets, you’re wasting money on a functionally very similar product. Buying a quality, but used pallet, is much cheaper than buying brand new pallets, and serves the same purpose. In addition, if you recycle your old pallets, you are saving money on disposing of them (less space in the garbage, less time spent breaking them down, etc.)

Environmental Reasons

Recycled pallets don’t end up in landfills, and instead get used and reused to their fullest extent. Less pallets getting tossed in landfills reduces the size of the landfills and keeps pallets that are still in good condition circulating throughout industry.

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