Basic Pallet Info

Hey All,

Before you order pallets for your business, it’s important to understand some basic differences between types of pallets.

There are 3 Pallet Styles

  1. Single Face: These pallets have a set of lateral boards on their top face, and no supports on the bottom. They are also referred to as skids. 
  2. Double Face Non-Reversible : These pallets have a second set of lateral boards on their bottom face, usually 3 so that a lift truck’s forks will be surrounded by wood. These are “non-reversible”  since their top face and bottom face have different numbers of boards on their top and bottom. DO NOT Place cargo on the bottom face of these pallets, as your cargo will not be well supported
  3. Double Face Reversible: These pallets have full sets of boards on the top and bottom, allowing them to be used on either side. 

These are the basic categories of pallet, more information on them in future blog posts! 

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