Pallet Standards

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Pallet Standards are a prominent issue in the world of business to business trade for a few reasons. There is a standard for the American Pallet (40″ x 48″) but this is still not the “standard”. Pallets exist of all shapes, sizes and makes (see Basic Pallet Info for more information on Pallet Styles), and each of these variations serves a different purpose. This is actually extremely good, since a distributor knows that any dimension of product (within reason) can be shipped given the right size of pallets. However, this also means that shipping business to business can get problematic, since the varied size of the pallet makes loading, unloading, and storage more complicated. This is why it’s essential to keep a stock of your own spare pallets around, to re-skid problematic cargo and ensure that whatever you’re receiving or reshipping is as easy to store as possible.

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